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Stephen Apeaning Abu Jr.

A highly motivated professional in the process of establishing businesses, and creating opportunities and worth for the youth of Ghana and the West African Sub-Region. Stephen was born and raised in Ghana until, in 1996,he went to Nigeria to serve a Church voluntary mission for two years. Stephen graduated in 2004 with a business marketing degree from Utah State University, Logan Utah, USA.

Stephen Abu has had many years of coordinating, representing and partnering numerous foreign sponsored activities and business establishments in Ghana. Hehas led the founding of numerous non-profits in Ghana, including: World Joy Inc., and Kaeme Foundation.

Stephen served as Vice President for International Operations for Agricon Global based in Orem, Utah. He hasfounded  Ghana Journeys Limited, Alma Mining Limited, Tonistevens Company Limited,Ghana-Art Publications Limited and African Heavy Machinery Services Limited.

Stephen Abu has been very instrumental in identifying and working with various professionals in all sectors across West Africa. Mentors International, dOTTERAInc., and African Business Portal area few of the companies Stephen has assisted in finding the right people and programs to work with in Africa.