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Kerry Ashby - CEO Director

Besides his vast knowledge of the industry, he holds a degree in Business Management.

Kerry also has five years involved with NCRE projects, specifically photovoltaic, geo-thermal and biomass.

Kerry is also owner and president of Illumination Sales Reps specialized in architectural and urban lighting as well as controls acting in the market successfully specifying, managing and marketing lighting projects of all sorts and representing products and solutions for 32 years.

As a principal with Illumination Sales Reps, he has been involved in photovoltaic self-energized Roadway light poles and luminaires. He was a pioneer in LED photovoltaic combination producing the first solar-lighting project in the State of Utah (Mountain View Corridor) and perhaps one the earliest Photovoltaic (PV) LED lighting projects in the US.

Kerry is an entrepreneur leader, with experiences in directing businesses in new areas to be successful through organizing and excepting the changing environments that exist on our business world today. His experience for the past 40 years in the electrical industry has given him great insights into our future.