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KEY 3 ENERGY provides a comprehensive scope of services encompassing engineering, procurement and construction of Renewable Energy projects. Our company can also engage in the financial aspects of this projects providing financial support to the construction and implementation of such projects.

KEY 3 ENERGY represents strength in energy generation projects:


1. Transforming municipal Waste into Energy

We provide solutions to cities eliminating landfills when implementing our systems of waste processing, that in a brief amount of time sanitized trash and converted into feedstock for biomass generation and at the same time Energy production.


2. Hydraulic Energy

With high efficiency and low cost solutions for Hydro Run Rivers resources base on Archimedean Screw Pumps and generators, transforming small streams and river falls into productive hydroelectric generation. Our systems are fauna friendly and caring of the environment.

Fundamental Basic Definitions

1)      When a screw generator:


2)      Advantages compared to other turbines:

-          Fish Friendly

-          Simple civil structure

-          Capable of handling raw water with floating debris

-          Simple and robust

-          Constant high efficiency even in low flows

-          Easy maintenance

-          Long lifetime (> 30 – 40 years)

-          Proven and very long track record regarding reliability

-          Probably the most economical low head turbine

Screw Arrays

Single Run

Dual Run in a Steel Trough

Multiple Run in a Semi Compact Trough

Off Grid Hydro System

3. Photovoltaic Solar Systems

Photovoltaic (PV) is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic power generation employs solar panels composed of several solar cells containing a photovoltaic material: cells to convert energy from the sun into a flow of electrons.

Photovoltaic panels based on crystalline silicon modules have an alternative material in the form of a thin-film solar cells amorphous Silicone and micro crystalline Silicone.

Regardless the size of a photovoltaic plant, its current flow can be injected directly as on a ON Grid mode or otherwise, it can be partially consumed and certainly stored in batteries.

We have designed plants for an industrial type of electric demand all the way to utility size to feed the Grid or to satisfies high electrical end users, such us mining concerns, industrial clusters, municipalities or cities.

A tool to improve solar panel efficiency: Solar Tracker Systems aimed improve Photovoltaic efficiency is by having the sun exposure to the cell to the best angle of ray sun incidence on the PV cells.

A solar tracker system is a device for orienting a solar panel towards the sun, ensuring that the maximum amount of sunlight is directed at the solar panels throughout daylight incrementing notably the PV solar panels efficiency from 30% up to 50%.

Sun Tracker systems can be programmed with a Single axis oscillation for daily sun tracking or what is most efficient, a Dual axis to follow daily and seasonal sun ray best exposure onto the PV Solar Panels.

Key 3 Energy, when it comes to urban or city lighting, recommends the implementation of a LED lighting system throughout all the spaces as the main illumination source.

Due to its nature LED lighting, is a high efficiency light source. It is so efficient that can generate six to ten times less electrical consumption while improving the light performance by enhancing the illumination visibility due to its scotopic and photopic parameters differentiated values.

The wide use of LED as the main source of light for the city will generate a great volume of electricity.

Our Urban LED Lighting systems can be equipped with a Wireless Lighting Operation REMOTE MONITORING SYSTEM (REMONSY)

Our technology is designed to reduce overall operation costs and improve service efficiency.

Wi-Fi Network:

In a wireless mode, photo controls in any given area communicate to other photo controls nearby through a transmission receiver generating an optimized wireless network of luminaire operations control that are capable to auto configure and detect potential malfunctions within the system components.

Safe Data Control:

The data from individual photo controls is transmitted to a central data gathering center (CDGC). Here, the received and gathered information is wireless sent to a safe operations station for the network.

The lighting data is stored and always available to user customers via a safe internet web portal.

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