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Some of them for all 3 Key Resources:

1)    Waste to Energy:
-    Ontario Agricultural Commodities Ontario, California Organic Waste Solution
-    900 Megawatt Power Station Iran Facility: Solid Waste to Pellet Operation

2)    Hydroelectric Run River:
-    Camp McDowell 2014

3)    Solar/Photovoltaic-LED-Lighting:
Through our partners we have develop, design, install and maintain several local municipality solar PV projects which include:

South Salt Lake City 30kW project: roof mounted grid-interactive PV system installed on a 90-year-old building.

Holladay City 18kW project: roof mounted grid-interactive PV system that was installed onto the 100-year-old City Hall.

Myron City 21Kw project: roof mounted grid-interactive PV system.

Salt Lake City 35kW project was installed on the roof of Leonardo Art museum, in the downtown area of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Two separate projects for the State of Utah:

Salt Lake Community College 28kW project: installed on the roof of one of the college building using the ground mount racking technology.

Davis Applied Technology College 60kw project: also installed on the roof using ground mount racking technology.
Photovoltaic Utility Scale
Through Utah Solar One, we designed a project for the SCPPA 2014 opening bid.
LED Lighting and Photovoltaic Technology
We were involved in the design and supply of the "Mountain View Corridor" Main cross ways lighting system. This 25-mile inter-urban highway with off-grid Photovoltaic energized light poles equipped with 60 watts; 100 watts and 160 watt LED luminaries, poles structures and batteries were supplied and installed by a local contractor.


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