Key 3 Energy is a comprehensive provider of sustainable, efficient and profitable energy solutions. Our focus area on 3 main sources of renewable energy. Contact us now »

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KEY 3 ENERGY is a comprehensive provider of sustainable, efficient and profitable energy solutions. Our group encompasses domestic high tech experience in designing, engineering and constructing solar projects as well as international vast experience through other members of our group. We gather experience of successful solar energy projects built both in the United States, as well as Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Utah Solar, LLC is committed to generate through an intensive R&D program, the most advanced, rationalized and economical solar energy projects.


Our Mission: Key3 Energy is oriented to develop with sustainability, efficient and viable energy solutions as a result of its research into new and diverse forms of energy generation within an environmental compliance harmonizing with investor's profitability interest.

Our Vision: Is to achieve excellence by becoming in association with our partners, a worldwide reference in the development and management of sustainable energy projects. Continued pursuance of excelling at all levels by working in innovation, quality and profitability so we stand a position where we can offer our customers state-of-the-art profitable and efficient energy solutions.

Our Philosophy: Is to be in the forefront of the technology by focusing on innovation, research, sustainability, improvement and integrity.


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